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Spell Casting 3 card Oracle Guidance.

Spell Casting 3 card Oracle Guidance.

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Mystical Spell-Casting Oracle Reading: Unveil the Magic of Phoebe & Pumpkin  

Step into the mystical realm of spell-casting with my enchanting Oracle reading, guided by the magical energies of my inner witch, Phoebe, and Pumpkin, the Black Cat. 🌟✨ Together, we channel divine wisdom and powerful spell-casting magic to unveil insights that illuminate your spiritual journey.

What's Included?

Guided Spell-Casting Wisdom: Experience the magic of spell-casting as Phoebe and Pumpkin channel their mystical powers to uncover insights tailored to your soul’s path. Their intuition, combined with mine, will reveal the secrets of the universe to guide you on your journey.

3-Card Reading: Receive a 3-card Oracle reading presented in a beautifully designed PDF, offering profound guidance and insights. The reading will be emailed to you within 72 hours for you to revisit whenever you need clarity.

How It Works

Simply share your name and the areas where you seek clarity. Allow Phoebe, Pumpkin, and I to weave our magic into a personalised 3-card Oracle reading that’s designed just for you.

Why Choose This Reading?

Embrace Phoebe's Spells: Experience the enchanting wisdom of Phoebe’s powerful spells to inspire clarity and transformation.

Companionship & Intuition from Pumpkin: Find companionship and intuitive guidance through Pumpkin’s mystical energy.

Profound Insights from Me: Receive personalized insights that empower and guide you on your spiritual journey.

Additional Details:

You don't need to be present for your reading, as I'll intuitively pick up on your energy. If you can provide a photo, that will help strengthen the connection, but it’s not essential.

Remember that this guidance is to empower you. To manifest your desired reality, work with the divine messages you receive.

Illuminate Your Path with Magical Guidance

Dive deep into the spiritual world with Phoebe, Pumpkin, and me, and let our spell-casting Oracle reading provide the guidance and magic you need to align your life with positivity and purpose.

Book your personalized spell-casting Oracle card reading today and let the magic reveal your path! 🌿🔮✨

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